About the Keyport Yacht Club

Join a KYC Committee!

Our committees serve as the backbone of the club. Committee members lend their skills and experience to help manage and maintain the club’s facilities and programs. Joining a club is a great way to meet other club members and make new friends with similar interests. 


Below is a full list of all the active committees, including a brief description and contact information. Additionally, any Club Officer will gladly assist in directing you to a committee in need of assistance. 


To contact a committee, send an email by selecting the chairperson's name below. 



Responsible for providing the club’s free social events like the Children’s Summer Party, Tranquil Sundays and the Holiday Parties. The main goal is for members and their families to mingle and enjoy the club. Contact: Phyllis Beals 



Assist with supervision of the mooring field, including mapping mooring placements and assigning mooring positions. Contact: Bill Mulholland


Members help with monthly inventory (first or last day of month) accepting beer and liquor deliveries, preparing for parties and special events and meeting with service vendors. Contact: Ray Nolting



Help draft and recommend changes to the Bylaws and the Standing Rules, as needed. Review suggestions for changes made by members of the club. Contact: Susan Mikaitis


Be a part of our annual fundraising campaign and charity regatta held in June. There are many ways to get involved including fundraising and soliciting donations for the silent auction, assisting the race and publicity committees, helping prepare and serve dinner. Contact: Carole Olufsen


Plan sailing trips for the benefit of KYC members and promote good relationships on behalf of KYC with other yacht clubs. Contact: Sherry Dietz


Members help maintain the dock, including pre- and post-season preparation. In addition, over the last couple of years, KYC volunteers rebuilt the Main Float, the West Float and one of the Finger Floats! Contact: Dan Hudak



Have as much fun making the parties as you do attending them! The Entertainment Committee plans all social events where there is a fee such as the New Year’s Eve Party. Contact: Kathy Puschaver


Keep track of and report on the operating budget, including capital improvements. Investigate the feasibility of any major projects. Contact: James Meissner


Help maintain and keep the club grounds beautiful!  Contact: Rob Lehman


General maintenance of the clubhouse, outbuildings and grounds. Bill Reseter


Help manage the insurance needs of the club. Contact: Eugene J. McDonald

Junior Sailing

Provides sailing lessons for kids aged 8 to 17. The committee recruits students, hires instructors, holds fundraising events, maintains the junior sailing fleets, and hosts the junior sailing regatta. Contact: Wayne Woerner

KeyportYachtClub.com Web Site 

Help maintain the club's website, develop new content and send out newsletters. Contact: Terry Sculac   


Help manage the club’s two launches including maintenance and storage. Contact: Tony Torphy

Long Range Planning

Get involved with planning for future growth and development of the club. Contact: Commodore Ed Gittines


Participate in activities to recruit and gain new members for the club. Interview and take prospective members on tours of the club, help with our new member events. Contact:  Jess Gregory


Promote the club and its activities through all appropriate media. Work with other committees to help coordinate internal and external communications about their activities and events. Contact: Sue Mulholland


You don’t have to be a racer to volunteer! Learn to run races hands-on and see the action ringside by joining the on-the-water team on the Race Committee boat Observer. Contact: Andy Oeftering

Ship's Store

Help staff the Ship’s Store during club events or assist with stock inventory (occurs periodically throughout the year and lasts 3 to 4 hours). Contact: Vickie Snoy

Small Boats

Help maintain the club’s own boats that are used for the small boat program and adult sailing lessons. Contact: Ray Nolting