Navigator Class Racing

For some races, we’ll schedule a Navigator, or “C” division. The Navigator Division is intended for those who do not normally race – such as cruisers or novices. It’s a great way to come out and join the fun.

To participate in the Navigator Division:

Handicapping. All the races at Keyport Yacht Club are run using the PHRF Handicapping system. In order to participate, you must have a handicap certificate from the local authority, PHRF-MA. The handicap allows us to score boats which are inherently "faster" with boats which are inherently "slower". But - we let the Navigator class slide on this - if you are sailing in the Navigator group, we'll give you a handicap for the event. You don't need to join anything, or submit any forms. Just come and sail.

Work requirements. All the regular racers at KYC have a set of race-related work requirements. Navigator participants are not required to serve a Weds night supper, or help with on-water Race Committee jobs. (although help on Observer is always welcome, and a great way to learn a bit about racing!)

For most events, the Navigator group will sail the same course as the main non-spinnaker fleet, with a separate start.

When we have a Navigator group, we'll schedule a short primer on the day's race, and some basics on the start sequence and rules, in the morning before the race.

You won't need to sign up in advance (except for the Regatta). We will send out a blast a few days before each event, and ask you to let us know if you're interested, so that we can set up for the day.

It's a great excuse to go out sailing for the day - and at the end of the year, you may even get a trophy for your mantel!

Click HERE for a short handout on Racing Basics

Intro to Racing Seminars
Did you miss the boat?

Session 1 - Introduction

Click HERE for handout

Session 2 - The Rules

Click HERE for handout

Session 3 - Starts, Finishes, Scoring and Racing at KYC

Click HERE for Starts & Finishes

Click HERE for Racing at KYC


Weds May 17 7:30 pm - Annual Skippers Meeting


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