KYC’s Opening Day Celebration 2017!


It is time to make plans and reservations for our

May 27, 2017 Opening Day Dinner!


Following the Opening Day Ceremony,

the Entertainment Committee will be hosting appetizers, dinner selections and desserts.


The Ceremonies will begin at 4pm, with dinner to follow beginning approximately at 5:30pm. We will be flexible due to the nature of the ceremonies and the weather.


Table sign up is mandatory, and wrist bands will be given out when you sign in at the front door or the patio door.


We will have a jazz band playing during and after dinner for your musical pleasure.


This event will be catered by The Palms, and includes a Champagne toast.

The cost per person will be $50.

Dress code is Yacht Club Summer Formal Dress



2017 Opening Day
Please enter only one attendee name per line please. For guests please include the sponsoring member's name. For example "Joe Smith Guest 1" or "Bob Jones Guest of Joe Smith"

Available Items Available Slots
Table 1 (8 seat maximum)

Table 2 (8 seat maximum)

Table 3 (8 seat maximum)

Table 4 (8 seat maximum)

Table 5 (8 seat maximum)

Table 6 (8 seat maximum)

Table 7 (8 seat maximum)

Table 8 (8 seat maximum)

Table 9 (8 seat maximum)

Table 10 (8 seat maximum)

Table 11 (8 seat maximum)

Table 12 (8 seat maximum)

Table 14 (8 seat maximum)

Bar Seating

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